This week, my mum, sister, and I road-tripped out to Arizona to move my sister in to her dorm at ASU. We had an extra day before Move In Day, so we decided to spend our time sipping tea and marveling at Frank Lloyd Wright’s beautiful architecture at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. As we entered the hotel, we were greeted by a gorgeous glass piece. Since I love FLW’s glass designs, I couldn’t resist taking a picture to show you. We then made our way to our seats and glanced at the menu. We were greeted by Kevin, the eccentric and extremely knowledgeable Tea Sommelier. He guided us through the menu, describing each tea in detail. Since it is summer, and August in Arizona is like Satan with a fever, they offer a wide range of iced teas brewed at the table. Mum and Chloe decided on the Blackberry Pomegranate Tea and the Lavender Citrus Tea. I find that when I am given an iced beverage, it disappears in a matter of seconds. Therefore, I opted for a delicious Blackberry Currant Hot Tea. The Blackberry Pomegranate Tea was a crowd pleaser, with a light, sweet flavor. The Lavender Citrus Tea was also delicious, but the lavender reminded us a little bit of a relaxing bath rather than a delicious tea infusion. The Blackberry Currant Tea was a lovely experience, with both a bold and light taste with each sip.
Once Kevin delivered our tiered tray of goodies, he treated us to a delectably descriptive narrative for each item. The sandwiches included egg salad with truffle oil (best I’ve ever had), smoked salmon and cream cheese on pumpernickel (normally not my favorite, but definitely delicious), turkey with cranberry aioli (quite good), and a Chicken Walforf profiterole (my favorite by far). We each had one scone, scented with Arizona Orange, and a Buttermilk Tea Cake, accompanied by an assortment of preserves, lemon curd, and Devonshire Clotted Cream. Our pastries included a raspberry truffle, a lemon macaron, and a prickly pear creme brûlée tart, all of which were fantastic.
After devouring our little feast like the proper ladies we are, Kevin kindly offered us another iced brew to keep us cool on the road. The White Ginger Pear Iced Tea was by far my favorite. Normally I sweeten my tea, but this infusion required no help in the sweet department. It was such a refreshing way to finish the afternoon.
If you are in the Arizona area and fancy some afternoon tea, I could not recommend the Biltmore Hotel enough. My only regret is that we each received only one scone. Scones are my favorite treat of all, and there is nothing I love more than one slathered in Devonshire Cream. Otherwise, this tea was beautifully executed and tremendously tasty.